About Us

Alex and Julia

Hi! We are Alex and Julia Sakowski.

It is hard to imagine that some time ago we lived in the Eastern hemisphere, in the old city of Kiev that in Ukraine. In 2002 we moved to California where reside now.

We always liked to travel no matter what country we call home. Sometimes on weekend, we hit a road without any destination in mind. “Let see what is behind that road curve”, says Alex.

Most of the time I plan where we are going and what there is to see. I compile huge lists with all worthy sights and how to reach them, what time of the day is best and where is the nicest sunset can be seen. We never were able to see all places in that lists. If we visited at least third of them, I’m happy.

Some people can call us cultural tourists but we like nature too and ofter hike on some obscured trails or spend half of the day on a small lake to watch birds fly when the sun sets.