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Valley of Fire Road, Nevada
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The Best Travel Moments of 2017

Another year comes to the end. As I’m ready to flip the last page of the calendar, it’s tempting to look back and reflect on our adventures of the past year. Our 2017 travel story began in Nevada Valley of Fire State Park. Frankly speaking, it was Christmas 2016 but I count adventures from Christmas to Christmas. I remember sitting in our RV and listening to the wind howling through the red rocks and to a rain drumroll. The biblical storm passed through usually dry Nevada desert and colored rock formations dark crimson.

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Alabama Hills. Two days in Wild West

Our journey to the American Wild West, to the place where Hollywood Westerns were filmed, where cowboys and Indians chased each other, and the bandits plundered post coaches. Why go to India, the Middle East, the Gobi Desert, Africa or fly to other planets, if they were created in Alabama Hills – a couple of hours from the bustling and crowded Hollywood. We spent only two days there, but I wanted to stay for a week, take a walk among the bizarre rocks, admire the rugged beauty of the desert. And, maybe, to hike the 14,496 mountain peak, which snow cap picturesquely accentuates the yellow stones of Alabama Hills.